A yes answer to any of these questions, will require documentation!!







                                                    Request for Assistance Application


You must apply for Care Credit (www.carecredit.com) before requesting assistance.   If approved, supply account # and amount.  If disapproved, copy of transaction #.  You need not accept it if approved.



Email Address

Phone number

Pet Name and age



Estimated Cost

Applicants will be asked if they are receiving any of the following:

* State or federally funded welfare program

* Food Stamps

* Medicaid

* Social Security

* SSI Disability

* Unemployment

* Non-commissioned active military

* Extreme medical expense, loss of home due to natural disaster, etc.

If approved for Care Credit, amount authorized:

If disapproved, transaction number:





Please print and fill out the below Application.  Return to: friendsofanimalsinneed@gmail.com

Friends of Animals in Need